Tour dates:


 - Saturday: 14:30 -




 - Closed -

Tours can be booked all year round, outside the above hours, for groups of 15+ adults (or by agreement).

The Czech-language guided tour takes approx. 1,5 hr. Entrance fee is Kč 250,-/150,- (with / without beer tasting). Tours with tasting are 20 – 30 minutes longer. Free entry for children under 15. Indiviual visitor from abroad attending a Czech-guided tour can use a printed guide in English, sequenced to follow the tour.

Groups of foreign visitors and those interested in English-guided tours should book their visit in advance. English-guided tours entry fee is Kč 250,-/200 (with / without beer tasting). Tours with tasting are 20 – 30 minutes longer. The minimum price for such a group is Kč 2500,-.

Please dress appropriately for the tour as it is chilly inside brewery! In winter only the old brewing hall / bar is heated.

The guided tour starts at the well in front of the premises, then proceeds to the Rennaissance core of the brewery - onto the malting floor and into the hall of the former horizontal air kiln, then to the old brewing hall. It further climbs up the staircase where you can look in the master brewer´s office and the loft used once to store the malt and where you´ll find a permanent exhibition on the history of the place and about the golden era of the Czech beer in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The tour then proceeds one flight higher, right under the roof, in the barley attic. Once again on the ground floor, we take the passageway leading to the brewery courtyard and we enter the three-nave building containing cellars and a stone-built cold store from the 19th century. The tour ends where the new equipment for artisanal beer brewing has been installed, with a lager cellar in the 19th century interiors and the beer tasting is proposed right there.

Lobeč souvenirs are available in the brewery shop, offering t-shirts, badges, labels ,beermats, and also original glass beer mugs and chinaware for collectors.


How to get there?

To get to Lobeč and its beer, the best way is to bike or walk, it´ll make you discover the beauties of the Kokořín region. The blue hiking trail cuts right through the Lobeč heritage zone (with a museum of Eduard Štorch, author of stories for children, inspired by stone-age settlements on the territory of Czechia thousands of years back). It starts at Mšeno, a tiny town (with a heritage-listed art-deco swimming pool), continues through the picturesque landscape with forests through the village of Nosálov (a conservation area with a unique set of rural architecture) to the lookout tower on top of the Vrátenská mountain (508 m) a dominant of the region, and to the castle of Houska.

You can also bike it through Lobeč from Kokořín valley (natural reserve, with spectacular sandstone formations called Pokličky and a medieval castle of Kokořín), through Nosálov along the cycling route no. 0008. You can also visit the attractive sandstone maze near Romanov (7 km), the medieval Bezděz castle (13 km), the Mácha lake (16 km), and indeed, enjoy the whole of the protected lanscape area of Kokořínsko and Máchův kraj.

Arriving by train is equally commendable – approx. 2 km walk along the road from the train stop Vrátno, where the omnibus train will bring you, ideally from Mladá Boleslav. It takes no more than half an hour. Romantics can get off the train at Skramouš, and walk 2 km along the blue hiking trail down to the Lobeč Brewery.

Hiking tips around the breweryI

f you come to Lobeč by car, you can park at the brewery and, to sober up after the tour of the site, take a pleasant fitness walk. The place is just as beautiful in autumn or in winter. Take the blue hiking trail from Lobeč to Nosálov, with its rural architecture conservation area, up to the Vrátenská mountain lookout tower - open on weekends year-round, weekdays from May to October.

On the way from the tower walk to the crossroads "Na Fučíkovském" and then follow the yellow trail to "Nosálov okraj" crossroads and there take the unmarked path through the old wooded track back to the brewery. The 8 km walk is not hard, even small children can make it. Sturdier tourists can extend their route from the lookout tower as far as the eery castle of Houska (open from April to October).

A windmill from 1870, amidst the fields near Vrátno, just 5,5 km from the brewery, will also be worthy of a walk, once its current reconstruction is accomplished.


We´re looking forward to see you!

Pivovar Lobeč